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Bean Bag Safety

We take safety very seriously.

Our bean bags and materials are tested to comply with strict safety codes of INDIA and International standards.
We’re strongly aware that bean bag beads can be dangerous for small children, so take all precautions to make this product safe for children and pets alike.

What is a Safety Locking Zip ?

A safety zip is a zip that cannot be easily opened by small children. Because small kids have been harmed. Rest n Sleep® bean bags have highest quality safety locking zips as standard, in the interests of guarding against small children accessing the internal polystyrene bead filling. The Velcro system does not allows the zip to open and also keep the zipper hidden below it, making Rest n Sleep® bean bags possibly the Safest Bean bag.


Safety Tips

Bean bag chairs are comfortable, portable, and easy to store. Who wouldn’t want one?

When shopping for a bean bag chair, it’s essential to consider safety. If you have children or pets at home, it must be safe for them.

Follow the safety tips outlined in this post to keep everyone safe while relaxing in a bean bag chair. Don’t settle for a cheap bean bag that won’t last long, or may be dangerous for your family.

Keep reading to learn eight valuable bean bag safety tips before you buy.

1. Choose a Reputable Manufacturer
Before you buy a bean bag, ask questions. The questions vary depending on whether you visit a showroom or buy online.

Is the beanbag chair made of high-quality materials? Choose upholstery grade fabrics. They’re stain-resistant and stand up to long-term use. Avoid cheap fabrics that are easy to stain and tear.

Choose a manufacturer who follows guidelines. It shows they care about their product and customers. Find a company that’s responsive to your questions. Ask about satisfaction guarantees and warranties.

2. Appropriate Chair Size
Bean bags aren’t one size fits all; there are more sizes and shapes than you can imagine. If you buy a chair for a pet or child, it should be the right size for them. Choosing an appropriate size for the users is essential.

Bean bags are for different uses. Choosing the right style and size for your situation is essential.

3. Proper Placement and Purpose
When you buy bean bag chairs, keep them away from sharp corners and hazardous objects such as stone or brick fireplaces that puncture or tear the exterior fabric.

Position the bean bag on a carpet or soft surface. You don’t want it to slide around when someone sits down.

4. Fire Safety
You can reduce the risks of fire by buying bean bag furniture in less-flammable materials. Nylon and polyester synthetic fabrics are excellent choices for bean bags. They’re slow to ignite, and they shrink away from heat. Lower density fabrics catch on fire easier. That means thick nylon and polyester fabric is safer than cheaper thin fabrics.
5. Choking Hazards
The highest risk for a cheap bean bag chair filled with foam pellets is choking. It’s a serious concern for children and pets who may eat the pellets.

Only buy chairs with a separate interior liner that holds the pellets. The chair should have a safety lock on the zipper, too. While these features reduce risk, it’s a good idea to watch kids and pets when they’re around bean bags.

If the chair doesn’t have a safety lock on the zipper, remove the zipper pull or sew it shut. That way little fingers can’t open it.

6. Inner and Outer Covers
Some bean bag chairs which are made of cloth fabric have both inner and outer covers, but most bean bag which are made of leatherette material have the outer cover only which are cleanable. double-stitched seams and durable fabrics that stand up to rigorous use.

you can choose as per your requirement from the material available.

7. Filling Material
When a bean bag contains dried beans or PVC pellets, it’s a comfortable spot to sit or nap.

Always ask what the bean bag filling is. Polystyrene beads are good because they’re lightweight making it easy to move the chair around your home. The downside is they compress and break down. But, you can refill a bean bag.

Polyurethane foam works well since it’s very soft. It won’t break down, so you don’t need to refill your bean bag chair. It is heavier, which makes the chair weigh more. Check for foam that’s non-carcinogenic and eco-friendly.

Transporting bean bag filling is possible, but expensive. If you want to refill a bean bag chair fast for less, check with local department stores.

8. Recalls and Warranty
Before you buy, check online for recall notices.

Buy a bean bag chair that comes with a warranty. A warranty shows the manufacturer stands behind the product. You can buy chairs without a warranty. Others have a 30-day, 1-year, 3-year, 5-year or lifetime warranty.

Look for precise details on the warranty. The company should be easy to contact if you have any issues.