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Does Your Beanbag Need Plumping Up A Bit ?

Well you can purchase one of our ‘Top-Ups’ of beanbag filling here, choose from 200 grams, 500 grams and 1 kg packing.


Our Beanbag Filling is the BEST quality available, we only provide the highest quality of materials to our customers and we pride ourselves on the fact that we are an INDIAN Company and that ALL of our products are Designed, Sourced and Made in the INDIA !


After few months your favorite bean bag chairs will go flat because the beans granule gets compressed with usage. There is nothing wrong in that because that’s the property of beans which gives us so much comfort. At we only sell pure virgin high density polystyrene beans to satisfy the hunger of your bean bags. Now you can easily buy bean bag fillers for your bean bag from the comfort of your home or office and get All India Delivery.

Looking for high-quality bean bags refilling for your bean bag that’s gone flat?

We, at Rest n Sleep®, have the best beans granules to perk your bean bag back into shape … so that you can enjoy maximum comfort once again !

  • Our bean bags refilling comprises Pure Virgin Polystyrene Beans which are comfortable and durable. These top-quality beans do not get compressed easily, and can withstand longer bean bag usage.
  • Convenient shopping from Rest n Sleep®: We offer a fairly easy and convenient shopping facility for bean bags refilling. You can shop right from the convenience of your home or office, by simply placing an online order for the refilling!
  • ‘All India Delivery’: Rest n Sleep® offers you delivery of bean bags refilling, anywhere in India! While ordering your bean bags refilling at Rest n Sleep®, please do check the buying guide or contact us for the exact quantity.


No longer will you need to be carting massive bags around shopping centers, spilling bean bag beans all over your lovely home to fill or top up a bean bag. It’s a two person job that’s quick, convenient and cheap.

We also provide you with smaller, denser, quieter, higher quality beads that last longer than Supermarket beads and feel much better. Sitting is believing. We are one of the only companys to sell and deliver different size of packets of bean bag beans to anywhere in the INDIA. For jumbo sized bean bag and bulk bean bag deals, please call us and we’ll be happy to assist.


For many customers, knowing how much filling to order isn’t easy. We’re going to give you a few good tools here for a guide to your requirements. For bean bags that are or are not Rest n Sleep® brand, please see below table.

SizeKids/BabyX LargeXX LargeXXX LargeXXXX Large
Full Empty900 grams1200 grams1500 grams2000 grams2500 grams
Half Empty400 grams600 grams700 grams1000 grams1250 grams
Top up100 grams200 grams300 grams400 grams600 grams

Please note the above mentioned required quantity may differ, it is approx. only